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004We love Malese Jow. She’s beautiful, confident and an incredibly talented actress. You probably recognise her from The Vampire Diaries or The Social Network, but Malese has been acting since she was just six years old. Her first job? Barney. Another notable big break? Bratz. We asked her how that led to other roles. “Bratz was a great experience! I had actually gotten pretty far for the role of “Jade”, but that obviously didn’t work out. Our director Sean MacNamara apparently saw something in me and still wanted to make me a part of the film. It was a validating moment in my career that I was very grateful for.”

Since then, she’s gone on to be in a number of TV shows and films, and you can currently find her on not one, but two shows, The Flash and Filthy Sexy Teen$. We spoke to her about her role as Linda on The Flash, her embarrassing experiences on set and her love for Nashville (the show and the place!) She’s so busy with her projects, it’s a wonder that she gets much chill time so when she does, it’s no surprise that she likes to take it easy. “On days off I usually love to have leisurely mornings with coffee and maybe a book. Spending time with the people I love. Something music related too like writing songs or going out to see live music.”

Taylor Magazine: Tell us about how you got into acting! Has it always been a passion of yours?
Malese Jow:
Yes, it’s definitely always been a passion of mine! From a very young age I knew that I loved performing and entertaining people. I’m lucky enough to have a very supportive family that allowed me to start cultivating my dream as a kid.

Taylor Magazine: Would you say your current role as Linda on The Flash is more adult than some of your previous characters? What should we be expecting from her?
Malese Jow:
Linda is definitely more mature. It’s been refreshing finally playing my age — and a confident and fun character to boot! She is so endearing to me and a joy to portray. This season Linda is definitely thrust right into the middle of the meta human world that she didn’t even know existed before. She becomes a vital role in helping team Flash, so we get to see her step up to the plate and a little out of her comfort zone.

Taylor Magazine: Like Linda stepping out of her comfort zone, have you encountered any difficulties in getting to where you are?
Malese Jow:
For sure, of course I’ve encountered difficulties. Every career comes with it’s own obstacles — especially if you’re starting from the bottom. But obviously it’s been nothing too devastating and I’m very blessed to have had a steadily progressing career thus far. My ultimate goal is longevity.

You can check out the rest of Malese’s interview with Taylor Magazine by clicking HERE.

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