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Star-Crossed: 1×02 “These Violent Delights Have Violent Ends” Video Preview

TVAddict: Star-Crossed Scoop – Malese Talks Portraying an Alien-Enthusiast Looking for a Miracle Cure

In the new CW series STAR-CROSSED, humans have not exactly welcomed their alien visitors with open arms. But one of the humans who is more than a little curious and very excited to meet them is Julia (Malese Jow), a young teen stricken by a deadly disease. The Atrian visitors who crashed 10 years ago on Earth are rumored to have a miracle cure that can save her life. But with human/Atrian tensions at an all time high with the recent government order for a trial integration of seven Atrian teens into the local high school, Julia’s chances of finding out if there is a cure seems farther and farther away. But then as luck would have it, one of the Atrians is a boy that Julia’s best friend Emery (Aimee Teegarden) met years before and he may hold the key to the miracle that Julia is looking for.

In an exclusive interview from the set (which you can watch above), star Malese Jow talked about Julia’s quest for a cure, her friendship with Emery, and how Julia is completely Team Roman.

As Malese noted, Julia gets her strength in her friendship with Emery. The closeness between the two girls is akin to sisters because of all they have gone through. Julia never begrudges her friend for her own recovery and stands staunchly by Emery’s side in welcoming the Atrians into their school. One of the best parts about portraying someone so selfless is that it is even more fun when that is rewarded.
When a miracle may be in sight, Julia embraces every second of her renewed lease on life. She is happy to be out of the hospital and jumps right into the social scene at high school. Alien, human, it makes no difference to her. She is happy to share her joy with everyone. But is it a temporary extension or something else entirely? Just what is behind Julia’s seeming recovery? Continue reading

Star-Crossed: Malese Jow Interview (Video)

Julia, played by Malese Jow, tries to find another way to fight her illness with the help of the Atrians. Star-Crossed premieres Monday, Feb. 17 at 8/7c!

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Star-Crossed: 1×03 Episode Stills

Star-Crossed: 1×03 Episode Stills

I’ve added 3 high quality stills of Malese from the 3rd episode of Star-Crossed in to the gallery.

Gallery Link:
– Star-Crossed > Episode Stills > 1×03 Our Toil Shall Strive to Mend

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